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Myth and Fact About Hair Extensions

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Hair extensions are available everywhere…do a Google search and over 3 million websites will offer you numerous types of hair extensions, Yaki & Remy hair extensions, Russian, Chinese, Indian and European hair extensions that are supplied as French refined, silky straight, yaki curly, silky yaki, virgin kinky and water wave.  Then you have to figure out which hair extension application method is best for you: micro strands, cornrow tracking, strand-by-strands, weaves, rod clamping, tree braiding, extend tubes, thermal heat, liquid fusion, adhesive bonding and…well…you get the point!  And, what about the cost of hair extensions and how much you can afford?  A full head of professional strands (Great Lengths) start at around $1000; cornrows are around $ 600 and though a set of clips on hair extensions are can be purchased for under $100 they are heavy, don’t stay on and can easily damage your hair.

Myth: Hair extension applications, such as weaving, heat fusion and gluing, involve covering your own hair with a chemical resulting in dry damaged hair.
Fact: While weaving and fusion can cause breakage with frequent applications, using a simple bonding technique, applied directly to the scalp or hair roots will not damage your hair if treated properly. Eternal Hair Extensions include a detailed tutorial for self-application, care and maintenance and exclusive techniques that guarantee will make them last and not damage your hair.

Myth: Hair extensions, other than the strand-by-strand (Great Lengths and Cinderella Hair), are fake looking and don’t stay in.
Fact: While the strand-by-strand method is the most natural appearing method, they are expensive, require monthly resets and tend to shed (fall out) faster than some of the other methods. Eternal Hair Extensions use a natural and safe bonding method that makes them virtually undetectable.

Myth: Hair extensions usually last for only a few months and afterwards need to be redone.
Fact: This is usually true when professionally applied, however, if hair extensions are applied yourself and properly cared for they can last for over a year.

Myth: Repeatedly using hair extensions can seriously damage hair and it is best to apply them only once.
Fact: While many application methods can result in damaged hair if not properly applied and cared for, using a bonding agent (such as the Eternal Hair Extensions) will not damage your hair because the hair extensions are removed using a gentle conditioning agent which allows the hair extensions to detach without the need to pull on the hair and can then be re-applied

Myth: Hair extensions, if worn for extended periods of time, will cause matting and serious tangling to your hair.
Fact: This can be true with certain application methods (cornrows, fusions) that are not well maintained and are improperly applied, however, the Eternal Hair Extension application method is easy to apply and, because they are re-set approximately every 3-4 shampoos (depending on the user’s hair type), there is virtually no matting, tangling or damage to your hair or scalp.

*The above information is from cheap human hair extensions supplier –, based on 25 years experience and research using and wearing hair extensions and the different application methods.


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